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Welcome to Eolite.

Eolite Lasers is a division of Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESIO), commonly named ESI, a US company with headquarters located in Portland, Oregon.

Eolite Lasers combines the laser activities in ESI’s portfolio of laser products, which includes:

  • Eolite Systems, based in Bordeaux, France. Eolite developed patented solutions to produce short pulsed fiber lasers with excellent beam quality. New technologies such as rod type fiber were introduced to reach high average power frequency tunable pulsed fiber lasers. The portfolio includes, Boreas, a nanosecond laser and Hegoa, a picosecond laser, in IR, GR and UV versions. These lasers provide unique, high speed, cost effective solutions for fine material microprocessing.

  • PyroPhotonics, based in Montreal, Canada. PyroPhotonics developed a unique patented Tailored Pulse technology that enables flexible temporal shaping for pulsed fiber lasers. The PyroFlex 25 is a unique fiber laser enabling very precise material processing and film scribing.

  • New Wave Research, based in Sunnyvale, California, a specialist in compact DPSS laser solutions for flat panel display repair and failure analysis.