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Press Releases & News


Presented at Laser World of Photonics-Shanghai in March 2014

Presented at Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco


Eolite Lasers announces industrial qualification of its new ns high repetition rate UV laser


June 2012 : Eolite Systems acquired by Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.



December 2010 : Eolite achieve ISO9001 certification

September 2010 : Eolite secures a third round of financing

June 2010: Eolite selected by a major Asian customer for glass processing with Boreas G30.

April 2010 : Eolite introduces BOREAS G60 W green laser and demonstrate record speed edge isolation for silicon solar cells

February 2010: Eolite opens a new sales office for North America in Portland-OR,US


December 2009: Eolite opens a new sales office in Germany dedicated to sales and customer service

June 2009: Eolite introduces its Octopus 8 beams laser (515nm) at World of Photonics Munich 2009

January 2009 : Eolite introduces its Boreas 30W green laser (515nm) at Photonics west 2009


October 2008 : Eolite secures a second round of financing of 2,8 M€.

April 2008 : Eolite enters its new facilities in Pessac and starts the pre-production of its Boreas industrial lasers.

January 2008 : Eolite introduces Mistral, its new 1ns MOPA architecture and its Boreas green and UV lasers.


October 2007 : Eolite is awarded the "Golden Photon" for its new rod type fiber technology

January 2007 : Eolite introduces the first cost effective short pulse Q-switched rod type fiber laser Boreas IR 30.

January 2007 : FemLight becomes Eolite Systems


March 2006 : FemLight secures a first venture funding round of 1,3 M€.

January 2006 : FemLight introduces its high power fiber laser technology EOLE at Photonics West.


May 2005: FemLight signs an exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Bordeaux on rod type fiber applications


July 2004: FemLight is registered as a new company in Bordeaux and wins a 430 000 € grant from the French Ministry of Research