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Pyroflex Series

The PyroFlex™ Series pulsed laser platform allows you to: Tailor individual pulse parameters including width, height and repetition rate; Precisely shape pulses and complex pulse trains; Access pulse-on-demand in-process; Operate at infrared and green wavelengths; and Take advantage of all the benefits of a fiber laser architecture.  

Do more than you ever thought possible in:

• Wafer and ceramic processing • Via drilling • Micromachining • Precision drilling • Micro-welding • LCD and Solar Cell processing • Memory repair • Ablative processes

The infrared (1064nm) version of the PyroFlex™ 25 Series delivers a maximum peak power of 25kW with an average power up to 25 Watts, in continuously tuneable pulse durations from 1-600 nanoseconds. A frequency doubled (532nm) version is available.
Versatile and user friendly, the PyroFlex™ 25-Green pulsed fiber laser platform (532 nm) sets the new standard for accelerated process development, enabling users to shape laser pulses to exact specifications.