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Boreas lasers are based on a new generation of "Rod-Type Fibers", designed to provide high energy pulses together with an excellent beam quality. The single mode propagation in the fiber ensures a polarized and diffraction limited beam. A patented resonator design produces close to 10 ns pulses at repetition rates up to 150 kHz.

At the UV wavelength, Boreas is ideal for applications such as plastic marking, PCB/FPCB processing, sapphire scribing, photovoltaic scribing, and ceramic processing.



Main Features (UV Version)

  • Peak power: 7 or 14 W at 343 nm
  • High repetition rate: up to 150 kHz
  • Short ns pulses: 10 ns
  • Excellent beam quality: M2 < 1.3 over full repetition rate
  • Superior beam pointing: ± 2% over 8 hours
  • 24/7 industrial design


  • Plastic marking
  • PCB drilling
  • Sapphire scribing
  • Material processing
  • Photovoltaic scribing
  • Ceramics processing


  • External shutter

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