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The EzLaze Laser Cutting System is optimized for semiconductor failure analysis, design verification and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Flat Panel Display (FPD) repair.


EzLaze 3

The tool is able to be mounted on most major brands of FA microscopes, and allows the user to make precise cuts and selectively remove material on a microscopic scale. 
The air-cooled architecture keeps size and weight to a minimum and makes the system practically maintenance-free. 


Main Features

  • Air-cooled architecture
    - No cooling water
    - Compact, Lightweight
    - No maintenance required
  • Selectable wavelengths allow cutting
    and machining of a wide range of materials:
    - 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm
  • 3-axis control of cut size and orientation.
    From 2μm x 2μm (with 100X objective)
    to 50μm x 50μm (with 50X objective).
    Rotation through 180°.
  • Simple operation via remote control box
    with a 6.5cm x 7.5cm LCD screen displaying
    menu-based commands or via RS232 interface.
  • Precise energy control over a wide range.
  • Internal LED spot marker.
  • Compatible with most major brands
    of FA microscopes (Mitutoyo, Motic, Seiwa).
  • 3 Operating modes:
    - Single shot
    - Continuous (1 Hz)
    - Burst (max. of 10 sec. at 5 Hz).

Standard configuration includes:

  • Laser Head
  • Standard Energy
  • XY Shutter (Std. Resolution)
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • 2.4m umbilical
  • Video spot marker
  • Foot switch


  • High Pulse Energy
  • Rotating Shutter
  • High Resolution Shutter
  • Motorized Polarizer
  • Horizontal Mount Laser
  • Head with Robot-length
  • Umbilical
  • Internal Spot Marker
  • Microscope & Accessories

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