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Rod Fiber Lasers

Rod fiber technology offers higher power and repetition rates than DPSS, and typically higher peak power than traditional fiber lasers.

Boreas lasers are based on a new generation of "Rod-Type Fibers," designed to provide high energy pulses together with an excellent beam quality. The single mode propagation in the fiber insures a polarized and diffraction limited beam. A patented resonator design produces almost 10 ns pulses at repetition rates up to 150 kHz. Fiber technology makes thermal management much easier and leads to constant high beam quality regardless of the output power or repetition rate. Boreas configurations of
Hegoa lasers are based on the combination of a 50 picosecond oscillator with a new generation Rod type Fiber amplifier designed to provide high peak power short pulses together with excellent beam quality. The large area single mode propagation in the fiber insures a very high peak power together with a very strong stability. Hegoa's unique architecture provides high average power at 1030 nm (IR) and very good conversion efficiency at 515 nm (green) and 343 nm (UV).
Chinook lasers are an efficient and clever combination of a ps seeder, a new generation of rod-type fiber, a pulse stretcher and a pulse compressor. These features enable femtosecond pulses and high energy levels for "cold process" applications that require high throughput in industrial environments. Chinook takes advantage of large mode area fiber technology to provide superiorbeam parameters and stability regardless of the repetition rate. Especially well-suited for high average power applicat
Chinook HE lasers use the same architecture as the Chinook Series. However, the laser is optimized for larger pulse energy at low repetition rate reaching more than 100uJ up to 500kHz in IR. Chinook HE can deliver femtosecond pulses in IR (1030nm) and green (515nm). It is particularly suited to cut and drill metals and brittle samples.