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Boreas lasers are based on a new generation of "Rod-Type Fibers", designed to provide high energy pulses together with an excellent beam quality. The single mode propagation in the fiber ensures a polarized and diffraction limited beam. A patented resonator design produces close to 10 ns pulses at repetition rates up to 150 kHz.

At the green wavelength, Boreas is ideal for applications such as solar cell edge isolation, metal wrap-through, thin film scribing, glass cutting, c-Si wafer processing, ceramic drilling, and deep engraving.



Main Features (GR Version)

  • High power: 30 W at 515 nm
  • High repetition rate: up to 150 kHz
  • Short ns pulses: 10 ns
  • Excellent beam quality: M2 < 1.2 over full repetition rate
  • Superior beam stability: ± 2% over 8 hours
  • Superior power stability : ± 2% over 8 hours
  • 24/7 industrial design


  • Solar cell edge isolation
  • Metal wrap through
  • Thin film scribing
  • Glass cutting
  • c-Si wafer processing
  • Ceramic drilling
  • Deep engraving


  • Customized integration (on demand)
  • External shutter / attenuator
  • Multi-mode fiber delivery

 Product Data Sheet